Linge’s story, she is our head teacher and teacher of our Grade “R” class.


2 Responses to “Linge’s story, she is our head teacher and teacher of our Grade “R” class.”

  1. Meryl Smith Says:

    This lady has such a good heart. It must have been so sad to have lost her one and only child. Good on her for pulling herself up and getting on with life and going out to work again. And what a good place to work, where those who also have sadness in their lives are able to look to her for courage.

  2. Meryl Smith Says:

    When I watched this video I have to say, I had a few tears, not just because this lady has a sad story but also because she stands for the human spirit that is able to rise above such adversity (losing her only begotten child as she said) and still smile. Not a dot of self pity there – women in Africa really suffer so much but they are also such inspiration to the rest of us. So much sadness and so much happiness all in one human!.

    Thanks for posting these onto the net where people all over the world can see these special women. Through hardship and adversity, Africa has inherited these very tenacious women whose lives make a difference.

    These videos are greater than you, the maker, can perceive. I hope that they are also a means to a financial end, but they are also other things. They truly do bring dignity to the human being within us all.

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